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How to convince a book publisher to publish your travel book?

How to convince a book publishing company to publish your travel book?

There is no 100% assurance that your book got published with our tricks and tactics, but we can tell you some ways which will increase your chances of getting your book published.

Do you know thousands of aspiring authors wish to get their book published and out of this aspiration thousands of unsolicited manuscripts land on the desk of several publishers each year? Do you fall in the same category? Do you want to get your book published? Indeed to get your book published is tough but the good news is if you consider certain things, your manuscript will stand out of the crowd and catch the eye of the publisher.

What approach is needed?
There are two ways of getting a book deal:
(1) Submitting your idea directly to a publisher
(2) Or securing the services of an agent.

Improving your odds
Take care of specific things to improve your odds, and probable chances are there that you will be taken seriously by agents and publishers both.

A professional proposal
Publishers and agents don’t have the time to read every manuscript sent to them. Try to hook them on the very first chapter otherwise; they won’t go any further. The good idea is to put together a proposal to make things easy for them and beneficial for you.

A reasonable proposal is consisting of three parts:

The first part: It is a marketing proposal and includes an overview of the book, introduction about yourself and mention to whom the book will appeal.
The second part: It is made up from ‘chapter outlines,’ write a short paragraph about what will happen in each chapter.
The third part: It should include 2-3 sample chapters. It will give the idea to the agent or publisher about your writing style.

Put all this in a folder, keep it very professional. Try to use bright colors, as it could attract the attention of the work experience kids.

Always remember, all different departments use an excellent proposal during the life cycle of your book.

Make a name for yourself
You need to get published to have credibility. For this, write articles for newspapers and magazines. Strat your blog, contribute to other travel websites. For the majority of them, you need to work for free, but this will build your portfolio of published work. Heck, even hunt down a publisher and smoke some medical marijuana / Legalized Bud with them.

Final words
If you got picked by agent or publisher at your first attempt, you are damn lucky! But luck will not support many of the authors. Chances are there that initially, you face rejection, but do not get stressed out of it. Sooner or later, you’ll get your break, and your book got accepted. Alternately, you could try self-publishing. Companies like Reedsy have software and marketplaces that make self-publishing easier than ever before. Self-publishing is free, but if you want a stellar launch, you’re going to have to make everything count. See here for more information on How to Publish a Book